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A Basic Income Experiment in Venezuela

Donate EOS to the “1basicincome” account. We distribute it to families in need in Venezuela as a basic income. $1 per day for 90 days each family.

Give EOS

Donate whatever you can, just send any amount of EOS to the account “1basicincome”, where all tx are public information. Just $1 USD can make the difference to someone in Venezuela.
As we keep geeting more donations we can help more families.

90 days to get into crypto

We will send the equivalent of $1 USD daily to the registered participant families in FamilyEOS program in Venezuela. We will send the money in weekly transactions, for a 90 days total period. This is a lab to promote blockchain and crypto technologies and its benefits while helping people.

Blockchain Adoption

We help families in need while we show them a new kind of economy through crypto and blockchain. This is a lab to test crypto adoption on a hyperinflated failed fiat economy. This is the seed for mass adoption of the blockchain.

We are supporters of Dan Larimer's URI proposal destining the 4% annual inflation on EOS to distribute among all EOS users, effectively creating the biggest Basic Income project in the world. FamilyEOS is an experiment to measure the impact of a basic income on people's lives. 


This effort to help people in need is made with work and collaboration from GiveCrypto and Bonnum Network

Thank you all for made this possible


Disclaimer: 1% of the value transferred will be captured to cover operational costs.


EOS Donated

Total EOS tokens donated to the account "1basicincome" for this project.


Families Impacted

Two groups of families, one in the metropolitan area of the midwest and one around the amazonian border between Venezuela and Brazil, currently living in refugee camps.


Individuals Helped

Around 66 actual people that has received help trhough our program, all these people are the big FamilyEOS!

You can follow on Karma App

"Karmaeosvzla" its our official account on the Karma App, where we post developments and videos about the FamilyEOS program in Venezuela.