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IOST Venezuela

We are a Servi Node Candidate for the IOST Blockchain, a new consensus algorithm powered chain with the possibilities to unleash a whole new dimension of this technology. IOST Venezuela works to use these opportunities to build the future we all want!

Internet Of Services Technology

"IOST is building an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure to meet the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy."

Voting for IOST Venezuela means to support real decentralization of the blockchain.

We are the first Latin American Servi Node to provide infrastructure and community to the IOST project. Our knowledge and experience make a great start base to bring the this technology to the whole Spanish-Speaking market and Latin region, where blockchain and crypto are the perfect solutions to foster a new economy. We are the lab for mass adoption. 

Follow the IOST Servi Nodes elections here.

Vote IOST Venezuela Servi Node and get rewards!

Token holders who vote for Servi Nodes that successfully reach the 2.1M token requirement during the election, will receive an on-going 50% share of that nodes rewards. The annual reward pool is 840 Million IOST tokens (~5 million USD).
More info here.

Let The Blockchain Build Our Future

Venezuela is the perfect lab for crypto and blockchain adption


The powerful consensus algorithm “Proof-of-Believability” enables next-gen transaction throughput speeds while ensuring nodes stay compliant, using factors including IOST token balance, reputation-based token balance, network contributions and user behaviors.

A faster grade Byzantine Fault Tolerance mechanism, microstate blocks, Atomic Commit protocol and a dynamic sharding protocol (Efficient Distributed Sharding) all ensure transactions are safeguarded, consistent and lightning fast while reducing storage, configuration costs and processing power for validators.


IOST Venezuela Servi Nodes

Our infrastructure services for Block Production have a main and a backup server with a failover system that will switch the keys if one of them goes down, our public IP is not exposed and we have Ddos protection and a load balancer.


We have Bare Metal Servers located in strategic parts of Latin America that allow us to have the lowest latency possible in the region.

eos venezuela


Intel i7-8700 @ 3.20GHz
2x512GB NVMe
1gbit/s network

I O S T  V E N E Z U E L A  T E A M

Ines Sevilla

Designer, Steemit Blogger, Community Liaison

Alberto Guerrero Montilla

Political Scientist, MBA, Blockchain Consultant, Social Activist, Founder

Cristian Medina

Mathematician, Crypto Investor, Blockchain Enthusiast, System Engineer

Efrain Pineda

ProVenezuela Founder, Steemit Blogger, Community Builder and Communications

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