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Two years ago we started this road, to make the blockchain a real change for the better and useful tool for people in places like Venezuela. Our's is the story of how ideas can become realities, proving that hard work and good intentions are a powerful drives even in the bear market. 

EOSVenezuela Block Producers is also on Steemit through the community guild and Steem Witness @Provenezuela. With more than 6k followers, we have built one of the biggest and most actives communities on the Steem blockchain. Providing support to new authors, curation projects and rewards and facilitating the adoption process through Steem-Pays, we work to make this platform a door to the blockchain for Venezuela.

Our goal is to make Venezuela the biggest market and userbase of Steemit.
You can vote for our Wtiness through this link.


To know more about our actions and projcts on Steemit please visit our blog and check out our Witness plan and rewards bots. Also there is the first fiat-crypto local exchange in Venezuela for Steem and SBD at

Get in contact with us through our Discord server here or our Spanish-speaking Telegram channel here.