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EOS Venezuela
Block Producer

A Plan For Social Good Driven By Blockchain

Blockchain adoption is a key for development in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, and through the EOS platform we can foster new entrepreneurial opportunities that can lead to a change for the better in a place submerged in a humanitarian crisis. 

As Block Producers, EOS Venezuela can provide knowledge, training and capital for ideas that can reshape the social and economic reality of our country.

In Venezuela, promotion and adoption of Blockchain and Crypto is not something about investing, is more a way to get freedom and opportunities for a better future.

Vote for EOSVENEZUELA as Block Producer.

Let The Blockchain Build Our Future

A stronger community is a better niche for development and solutions, EOS Venezuela wants to be a promoter to take Blockchain technology and crypto to the people in Venezuela and Latin America. This is a mean for devlopment and open opportunities for freedom and a better economy. We want to foster the flurish of the ecosystem through an active role, educators and promoters. Plant the seed for a bottom-up change in the society and economy of our contry.

EOS Venezuela wants to promote coding schools and courses for all levels around the country and region, so we can seed future developers for a stronger EOS Blockchain community. We believe that the tools to make this possible already exist, we just need to create an incentive for it and put it in the hands of the people. We are already in talks with different possible partners to offer a free and online platform to reach people withou geografical boundaries. 

At EOS Venezuela we believe that entreprenurial ideas are important to motorize the economy, with proper advise and funding we can foster ideas to shape a better future for the region. So a fundamental step of our plan is to become an incubator centre for tech startups in Venezuela and Latin America, where we can provide knowledge, support and funding for ideas that are align with our vision of a future and development for the region. 


We have a main and a backup server with a failover system that will switch the keys if one of them goes down, our public IP is not exposed and we have Ddos protection and a load balancer.

We also have a public node that works as a RPC/seed node. Our endpoints are:

Jungle Testnet BP node: rabipeladooo


We have Bare Metal Servers located in strategic parts of Latin America that allow us to have the lowest latency possible in the region.

eos venezuela


E3-1270v6 8 Cores CPU
128 GB RAM memory
250GB Direct SSD
750GB SSD data storage


EOS Venezuela is a community full of thinkers, helpers and promoters still with wide open arms for more people to come. Here is the founding team.

Ines Sevilla

Designer, Steemit Blogger, Community Liaison

Alberto Guerrero Montilla

Political Scientist, MBA, Blockchain Consultant, Social Activist, Founder

Cristian Medina

Mathematician, Crypto Investor, Blockchain Enthusiast, System Engineer

Efrain Pineda

ProVenezuela Founder, Steemit Blogger, Community Builder and Communications


This is a community driven project, and a whole country is sending their support and excitement to our cause.


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EOS Venezuela is ready for ideas and cooperation


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